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Effortless self-service background checks for your business

Build trustworthy teams with our fast, intuitive and cost-effective background screening.

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Otter Swim

Smarter background screening

Fast from start to finish
  • The fastest turnaround time with our modern, direct-to-source API
  • Instant ID verification with AI technology
  • Automated and self-service account set up with just a few clicks
Easy and Effortless
  • Intuitive process and user-friendly UI for both you and your candidates
  • Unbeatable candidate experience with mobile-optimized UI
  • All-in-one platform to manage your entire screening process
  • On-demand service offering with competitive pricing
  • No setup, subscription and prepayment fees
  • Pay-as-you-go with your credit card
Best-in-class support
  • Attentive and accessible support team
  • Responsive to your requests and issues
  • Live chat for you and your candidates

Certn Lime for small and medium businesses

Grow your business with people you trust

Certn Lime’s background check platform lets you hire dependable employees, fast and efficiently. Vet your candidates thoroughly, uncover potential for fraudulent and criminal activities, and build a trustworthy and reputable working environment.

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Hire remote employees safely

Win the war for talent by expanding your hiring pool beyond your established work location. You can now effortlessly screen your remote candidates with Certn Lime’s global checks and onboard your ideal candidates with confidence in a remote-first world.


Protect your reputation and mitigate business risk

Background screening is no longer a hurdle with Certn Lime. Reduce liabilities, legal risks and damages to your brand reputation.

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“Way cheaper compared to the traditional background checks for low-volume users They also have a very good customer service team, answering questions whenever needed. ”

Rachel Q. Certn’s Capterra Reviews

Compliant & reliable results in minutes

Screen candidates in 3 simple steps:


Select the check type

Choose from Certn Lime’s background screening services (criminal checks, credit checks, ID, education and employment verifications)


Send it off

Email an application to your candidate directly from the Certn Lime platform. You can track your candidate’s progress in your dashboard


Receive results

Get results in minutes and review them to make safe hiring decisions

Start screening your candidates right away

Set up your account with a few clicks


* Excludes international checks