Automated Background Checks for Technology and Software Companies

Advanced AI-powered background checks for fast and agile hiring

Background checks are imperative in tech and startups

Data has become one of the most valuable resources that technology and software companies live and breathe on. Recruiting tech and IT staff who deal with various types of data and intellectual property requires high levels of trust and confidence.

Why Certn Lime for your company

With Certn Lime’s modern background checks, you can screen your candidates, review their criminal and credit backgrounds, and verify their qualifications and employment history in an automated, fast and secure platform.

With Certn Lime:

  • Build trust in staff and maintain a safe and secure workspace
  • Avoid cybercrimes and data breaches 
  • Protect your brand and reputation
“The Certn training is very intuitive for ATB and I think someone who has never used a system before can figure it out on their own.”

Luke Giblin Talent Aquisition Partner, ATB Financial

Onboard your trustworthy talents ASAP

Background checks are no longer a hassle in the hiring process. Certn Lime provides an intuitive end-to-end background checks platform that screens your candidates effortlessly. Using AI technology, your candidates easily complete the screening process on their own devices within minutes.

Certn Lime Background Check_Mobile Display and Confirmation Page

Onboard your trustworthy talents ASAP

  • Win in the competitive tech talent market, with fast and accurate results
  • Mobile-first and fully automated experience for your candidates
  • Build your own screening packages from our comprehensive background services
  • Secure and compliant with built-in consent forms
  • Integrations with major applicant tracking systems (ATS)

Start screening your candidates right away

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