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Background screening for not-for-profits, charities, and volunteers

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Non-profit and volunteers

Why background screening for non-profit organizations and volunteers is essential

Your profound mission that drives your charity, association, and not-for-profit organizations is only achievable with the right crew. Whether you’re hiring a volunteer or an employee, background checks are pivotal to onboard diligent and trustworthy workers who are willing to accomplish your mission.

With background checks:

  • Meet funders’, stakeholders’ and board members’ expectations
  • Protect your reputation, members and clients and build a safe and respectful organization.
  • Mitigate liability risks and lawsuits

60% of bad hires will negatively affect the performance of other team members

background screening for non-profit organizations and volunteers

Certn Lime’s fast and affordable background checks for not for profit organizations

With Certn Lime’s background checks, easily vet your volunteers in minutes and provide a smooth and effortless experience to them. Nonprofits organizations choose Certn Lime because they save in time and hiring costs as they reduce onboarding time and turnovers. Certn Lime is

  • Affordable and fits limited budgets 
  • Fast, with instant results for most of the checks
  • Mobile-friendly and easy-to-use for you and your candidates
  • FCRA Compliant and accurate reports
ID verification is completed by taking selfie
“Way cheaper compared to the traditional background checks for low-volume users They also have a very good customer service team, answering questions whenever needed. ”

Rachel Q. Certn’s Capterra Reviews

Recommended checks for volunteers and anyone who deals with vulnerable people:

Criminal Checks

  • Canadian criminal background checks
  • Enhanced Canadian criminal checks
  • Global sanctions and terrorist watchlist checks such as OFAC, FINRA OIG, GSA, SAMS, FDIC, FYSE
  • Sex offender search
  • U.S. National criminal checks
  • U.S. Federal statewide criminal search
  • U.S. County criminal check
  • Global criminal background checks
Certn Background check selection list

Verification and other checks

  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Reference checks
  • ID verification
  • Softcheck
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