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Background Screening for Critical Financial and Business Services

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Why background checks are crucial for financial, insurance and business services

Employees in the financial, insurance and other business services typically manage sensitive financial records, assets, corporate and personal information, and are required to comply with industry regulations. It’s no surprise that hiring roles within these industries require comprehensive background checks to ensure only trustworthy candidates get hired. Certn Lime provides accurate screening results that:

  • Ensure your company meets industry compliance standards and regulations.
  • Uncover criminal and financial records of your candidates
  • Verify candidates against the US and global watchlists and sanctions
  • Mitigate financial and legal risks, liabilities and costs
  • Verify candidates’ identity, credentials. employment and education history

89% of occupational fraud is asset misappropriation with a median loss of $114K

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Why Certn Lime background screening for financial and business services companies

Certn Lime’s background checks are fast, accurate and extremely easy for you and your candidate. Our platform automates the screening process and utilizes AI technology for fast turnarounds to accelerate hiring decisions. With Certn Lime:

  • Quickly screen candidates and win trustworthy talents 
  • Candidates quickly and easily complete the entire screening on their mobile
  • Seamlessly integrate with your applicant tracking system (ATS)
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“The Certn training is very intuitive for ATB and I think someone who has never used a system before can figure it out on their own.”

Luke Giblin Talent Aquisition Partner, ATB Financial

A flexible background check solution for all your hiring needs

Criminal Checks

  • Canadian criminal background checks
  • Enhanced Canadian criminal checks
  • Global sanctions and terrorist watchlist checks such as OFAC, FINRA OIG, GSA, SAMS, FDIC, FYSE
  • Sex offender search
  • U.S. National criminal checks
  • U.S. Federal statewide criminal search
  • U.S. County criminal check
  • Global criminal background checks
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Verification and other checks

  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Reference checks
  • Credential verification
  • ID verification
  • Credit checks
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