Background checks to ensure workplace safety in construction and manufacturing

Hire reliable people who enhance workplace’ safety and the company’s reputation

Background checks to protect your employees, reputation and company

Screen to hire the right people and see higher productivity, promote a reputable brand image and mitigate worksite costs and liabilities. Certn Lime’s background checks help you:

  • Build a reputable safe workspace that employees, vendors and partners can trust.
  • Hire reliable candidates that maintain a safe and productive work environment
  • Mitigate occupational and intellectual property risksthat burden the company with hefty costs and liabilities

Every year, employee theft costs Canadian businesses about $1.4 billion dollars

Certn Lime background screening for construction and manufacturing

Background screening with Certn Lime is no longer a bottleneck in your hiring process. It’s fast and easy for you and your candidate. Candidates can simply complete their pre-employment screening from their own device. Best of all, you’ll get accurate results within minutes.

Certn Lime provides YOU with:

  • Results in minutes, not days
  • Comprehensive screening package
  • Competitive pricing and volume discounts
  • Team, location and site management capabilities
  • Prompt support for you and your candidate via live chat, phone and email

Certn Lime provides the CANDIDATE with:

  • Intuitive and easy process for non-tech savvy candidates
  • Instant ID verification from your own device- no need for post office/ police station visit
  • Mobile-friendly that could be done anywhere, on-site or from their home

Start screening your candidates right away

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