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Instantly vet your candidates and identify risks with publicly available information.

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What is SoftCheck?

SoftCheck allows you to instantly vet your candidates backgrounds via 200,000 public data sources across more than 200 countries. Unlike regular criminal background checks, SoftCheck searches global data sources that are publicly available and is not limited to country-specific checks. All Canadian businesses can perform this lightweight search.

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Why SoftCheck?

  • Perform a global searches across 200,000 public data sources in more than 200 countries
  • More cost-effective compared to a traditional criminal background check
  • Suitable for non-sensitive positions and use-cases
  • A good criminal check replacement for candidates who may not have an established credit or background history in Canada
  • Searches publicly-available watchlists, sanction lists and social media records
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Data Sources:

Global public criminal and court records

Includes PACER (USA), 350+ courts, boards, and tribunals (Canada), and records from 240 other countries (e.g. Interpol, country-specific government and state agencies, and police forces.

Adverse media scan

Scans 200,000+ adverse media/negative news.

Fraud watchlists

Scans fraud watchlists from governing regulatory bodies including financial and securities commissions, globally.

Known affiliations

Searches police, government, and public databases for known affiliations to gangs, terrorist organizations, and other negative groups.

Global sanctions & enforcement

Comprehensive coverage of global anti-money laundering (AML) data sources, including sanction lists such as OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT, and others.

Public safety check

A search of the world’s most comprehensive database of individuals and groups that are recognized threats to public safety.

Sex offender registry check

Searches registries from every state, province, and territory in most countries.

Global clearance check

A search of known domestic and international terrorist watchlists, including records of the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Excluded Parties List (EPL), and additional domestic and international agency lists.

Public profile scan

A search of social media platforms for publicly available social media profiles and mentions.

Other searches

A search of eviction records, corporate blacklists, and other niche data from reputable sources.

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